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"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from
old ones."

- John Maynard Keynes












Product Strategies that Stick

Adding product offerings or expanding locations doesn’t always translate into revenue growth. Seasoned companies know how critical it is to thoroughly vet new product initiatives and expansions with the same scrutiny as they would an acquisition or major capital expense.


It’s not uncommon for the Sales Team to demand more product to sell or for the Product Team egos to dictate R&D budgets.  Making sure Product or Sales departments don’t derail the corporate roadmap is critical.  With so many masters to please, it hard to know where or how to focus priorities let alone unit the company toward a common vision.


Appiccicoso can help. We offer:

  • target market assessment including industry summaries and market demand,

  • build vs. buy analysis,  

  • competitor assessment,

  • financial assessment and forecasting,

  • SWOT Analysis.  


Play or Pass with Confidence

When a company has a successful product and/or offering, it’s easy to brainstorm ways to expand and leverage that value. But knowing when to play or pass on a new idea or venture can make or break the company’s fiscal health and brand integrity.


Appiccicoso can give you the confidence to say “no” to ideas that despite high level interest and enthusiasm, do not contribute the corporate KPI goals. And conversely identify initiatives that have maximum potential to meet corporate KPI targets and fuel the overall growth of the company as a whole.  

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